My Story

Hi, I am a graphic designer born in Manchester and raised in Perth, Western Australia. After completing my degree in Creative Advertising & Graphic Design at Curtin University, I gained great benefit in expanding my knowledge through the invaluable experience of working with  agencies such as Workhouse Advertising, Digital Dorado and Creative.ADM here in in Perth. By working within the industry and as a freelance designer, I continue to develop, conceptualise and work closely with clients to bring any creative vision to life.

Clients and Brands I have worked with include:
Workhouse Advertising | Digital Dorado | Creative ADM

Retravision | Bed Shed | Orbital UAV | Resolute Mining | Growth Generators | Voyager Craft Malt | TixelANDJAY  | INDX.GURU | Whats Your Point?! | MTi Group | Luke Brown Group | Murky Waters Podcast NB Carpentry & Joinery | Freshii | Lead Time Solutions | Macrete Precast | Play+

My Process

Throughout my career as a graphic designer, i have always followed the same 4-step process to ensure each and every project is managed and approached to get the best possible results.

During the initial phases of any project, I always want to gather as much information as possible. This may be asking clients specific questions on stylistic preferences, or research into competitors and relevant design trends, or simply brainstorming. All this initial information will act as the foundation as I begin to move forward.

The ideation phase is where i utilise all the information from the previous step and put pen to paper. I put down as many ideas as possible to cover all angles as to be best address the project brief. I then select my strongest ideas and present them for the first set of feedback.

In the development phase, i apply the critical feedback given from the previous step to my ideas. This is when i can start experimenting in further detail and start solidifying the stylisitic elements of the project. This phase generally takes the longest due to it needing multiple sets of feedback in order to narrow down the selection crirteria.

In this final phase, the overall ‘feel’ of the project should be understood, and I make more adjustments in accordance to the last few rounds of feedback. Exporting all assets to the required standards and proof checking all materials.